DSD General Information

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Communication between students, families and DSD is important to ensure the most can be made of classes. Students will be contacted throughout the year to advise of holiday, practices, time changes etc. and/or parents will be emailed with details. Additional copies of notices will be placed in either the parents waiting areas and student change rooms, so please check to be sure you have received the latest information.

There will also be times throughout the year when parents need to speak with staff. We do appreciate that contact with teachers is important, so please use the avenues listed below (telephone, email, website) to make contact. As class time is limited and precious, and we are conscious of ensuring that everybody receives full value for their fees, we ask that parents do not approach teachers during or after class time. As there is only a two minute break between classes - for teachers to catch their breath and prepare for the next class - we cannot use this time for meeting with parents. Please call or email with your enquiries and we will help you as quickly as we can.

Telephone (Miss Anita): 0412 482 464
Email: enquiries@dsdballarat.com.au



Fees are due and payable at the beginning of each term and all fees need to be finalised by the third week of each term, please. As fees are not refunded due to non-attendance, students should make the most of classes by regular attendance.



Children are asked to arrive 10 minutes before class to ensure they are prepared for a prompt start. We also appreciate if parents can arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of class to ensure quick collection and a smooth change-over between classes.

For the safety of students, we ask that they are not left at ballet for any longer than these times as we are unable to supervise them outside of class. Should you be unable to deliver or collect your child within the timeframes of classes, please arrange for a friend or family member to assist as we do not offer child minding services.

Also for the safety of staff and students, there is a security PIN pad on the front door. Please only share the security number with necessary people. We ask that children and parents always ensure the front door remains closed so that access to the studio can only be gained via this PIN pad.

While students are waiting for class to begin, or to be collected after class, it is important that they maintain sensible behaviour and respect the facilities and fellow students. We ask families to reinforce this message with their children as unruly behaviour is unacceptable and can cause accidents.



Ballet is a discipline and careful grooming forms a part of this. We expect that children attend classes in correct uniform and, for girls, with hair in a neat bun. We also ask that girls do not wear knickers under their tights and leotard. Tights for the underwear layer of clothing while in ballet uniform and therefore knickers are not required. Should girls need to wear underwear, please ensure they wear flesh coloured ‘ballet undies’ which can be purchased from dance suppliers/ballet shops. Unfortunately everyday undies, know matter how high they are pulled up, can always be seen bunched up under leotards and distract from the line of the leg when dancing.



A lost property box is located in the top foyer. We ask that parents regularly check this to reclaim any lost items.



Poor attendance at classes will affect student’s interest, involvement levels, skill development, confidence and friendship opportunities. It may also restrict your child’s access to exams and performances. If your child is to be absent because of illness, please notify Miss Anita (via message bank or text during the day of class. Where possible, unwell or injured students are encouraged to watch class rather than miss altogether.



Ballet examinations and assessments may be undertaken each year, however they are not compulsory. Students will be invited to complete the relevant exam when their teacher feels a child is adequately prepared. Please support your child’s eligibility for examination by ensuring they attend classes regularly. In this way, examinations become a positive experience for students, affirming their skills and building confidence. Once offered the opportunity to do an exam it will be up to the parents and child to decide if they wish to undertake the examination. Exams are offered from Primary to Advanced Level (BBO syllabus).



Our two annual performance is the highlight of the year and definitely an event that the students look forward to! All students are involved in our annual recital and there is a great deal of rehearsal and preparation required to deliver the high standard of performances that we present. Two recital performances ensure all families and friends are able to be accommodated and allow the students to enjoy the results of their hard work. Dates for the 2017 recital will be announced in term 3.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your assistance in the above matters and look forward to a wonderful year together.

With thanks, Anita Michael